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#Sport&Talk - Promoting positive mental health through a shared passion for football

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

"Sport and talk is an extremely beneficial resource in the area. It brings people together who have a common love for sport." - Anonymous

Following the launch of Sport & Talk on 22nd June 2019, I have already received some really positive, inspiring feedback from people who attended.

Men’s Mental Health is a subject very close to my heart. I know first hand just how difficult it can be to reach out and talk to someone. I'm hoping that Sport & Talk can reduce the stigma and open up new opportunities for communication.

Football is a universal sport, bringing everyone together. It’s social and gives men opportunities to talk - whether that be about football or things they're worrying about!

"My name is Paul and I hid behind my depression and abuse for years. Now, I’m involved in two things I love - football and talking. Sport & Talk is helping me realise that I am not the only man who is ashamed of my mental health but with Sport & Talk, you can open it up. If I can do it, so can you." - Paul

"People that attend are encouraged to share any troubles they may be experiencing. At the heart of the sessions is fun, laughter and exercise which are 3 fundamental things that can only benefit their mental health." - Anonymous

As Sport & Talk continues to grow and evolve, I am hoping to get a team together so that we can compete in mental health tournaments across the country!

I am also available to offer 1 to 1 Sport & Talk sessions.

Are you interested in getting involved?

Or do you know someone who might be?

Sport & Talk is open to anyone (aged 16+) of any ability - So come along for a kick about at our next session!

Every Saturday 1pm @ The Pods, Scunthorpe

Every Wednesday 8pm -9pm @The Pods from 28th August

£3.50 a session


Keep checking my Facebook page for more updates!

Our team has entered into this tournament on the Sunday 25th August at the Keepmoat Doncaster #unity

We now have our kit , would like to thank Liam Linton a local fireman who has secured some funds which has enabled me to sponsor us. This kit will be warn 25th August at Doncaster. Sara Whitehouse and myself modelling the kit , if you are in Doncaster Sunday come and show your support ... we will need it .... The tournament was a success and is in the success story part of the blog .

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