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Petes Blog , How Physical and Mental Health are Linked

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

So after breaking my Scaphoid bone in my wrist I thought i would turn this into a blog , how physical health and mental health are linked closely. I got my cast on Friday August 2nd , and straight away there was instant thoughts like , Can i drive ? , Can i do my job ? , Financial implications? Managing my home and housework ? , Relying on people ?

I am aware how independent I am living alone you have to be , I am not one to ask for help.

To know my limitations is key , my other intial thought was to turn this break around and see the positive . Whilst my car has created some independence , the weather is nice , this will get me out walking more as we know exercise is good for a variety of reasons.

The little things you take for granted like having a shower, washing dishes will take longer and i will need to problem solve. I feel if you have a postive mindset it will give me a great start in managing my mood . This is the first post , i will update each week.

Week 2 has been difficult already i can see my mental health being impacted , my mood has lowered i feel . I am not one who likes to miss work a rubbish patient , already been to the doctor and asked to go back earlier. I recieved my next appointment at the fracture clinic which seems a long way away 13th September its even a Friday .. I have become diciplined and make myself go for a walk each day. The positives are the walking about bumping into people i know , doing little jobs in the house . Week 2 and i have noticed changes in my mood , week 3 half way next week . There are questions , new questions , what will happen if fractures do not heal , will i get back to work quicker. A big difference from last week in mindset alone

Week 3 has highlighted to me how personal problems which i would have being able to deal with have been intensified by the break . Having a Welness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) myself , i like to be active , i like to be out and about which has hindered me doing what i like to do when problems arise . This has led to low points this week with the weather not being great on a couple of days , it has led to isolation and the feeling of being " stuck" indoors. When feeling low i tend to avoid social media to some extent as at times it can be a negative. The absolute postive though is to work on Prevention to Intervention and utilise my active mind in other ways . I have also an appointment at the fracture clinic on the 23rd hoping my cas can be removed. This experience has led to me changing my WRAP plan as when physical health is impacted i need other coping mechanisms. I think as a counsellor /therapist it is good to be honest as we are people too . There is no us and them , everyone has mental health it is maintaining the best you can .

Week 4

I have been more postive this week in my mind i had a hospital appointment on Friday . The build up though to that had again me asking questions , what if this , what if that . My mindset was though this pot is coming off i want to go to work . I was beginning to feel unclean and the pot was smelling which intensified the thought of people thinking i smell unpleasent . I was able to distract myself better , the weather has been great , so i have taken advantage of that . Friday came quickly enough , the pot was removed and re xrayed , not healed as yet though . The doctor asked me if it hurt as i did not want another pot i said no , and their was not anybody to put a pot on , so i have a splint . I am on restricted duties as i drive som miles so based locally for 4 weeks ad September 6th back to the fracture clinic . The interesting fact there was that i did not want a pot , therefore i said there was no pain . I am hoping that decsion does not come back to bite me. Have I made the right choice here , would I choose to not be as honest with my mental health if the doctor asked if i felt better if I had low mood for example.

Week 5

Feel better as i have been able to go to work , but i know deep down this hand is not how it should be. Now a couple of people have mentioned athritus setting in to . These things do play on your mind . I am happier when busier , my mental health is better . I will see the repurcussions on Friday 6th for my last post . I will reflect and evaluate , and hope my eagerness has not made my hand worse . In actual fact i feel it has got worse both in pain and movement , am I overthinking this I am not sure.

Week 6

I have the all clear from the fracture clinic , whilst my break was only a few weeks in pot , it clearly highlighted to me how physical health impacts on mental health . I felt very much out of my comfort zone , i lost some freedom by not driving i did not like that , even though i walked more the weather in general was not to bad . In winter i would of particuarly struggled as i am not a fan of the cold nights and that time of the year . I found it an intresting blog to write and confirmed my belief how physical and mental health are linked .

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