• Pete Lambert

Fantastic Football

We starting Sport and Talk football in the middle of July this year , i remember 1 of our first sessions was myself and another taking shots at each other .I swapped the day to a Wednesday evening and we have taken off .

We now have a team , we are a diverse group all with our own worries our own mental health and neurodevelopmental disorders , we have people from 12 to 56 . The younger ones have role models the older can nurture the young ones in their own indidvidual ways , we have developed friendships and bonds and we look each other.

Last week we won our first friendly playing some good football , i saw smiles , i saw a work ethic and belief we could win .

We now have a manager , we have a photographer even a mascot , what i have learned is that feeling a part of something means everything to the isolated , the anxious , the low mood , the addiction , the autistic . We have a lad and dad who play which has reaped awards within the relationship .

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made this such a special project.

Picture by Claire Reid

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